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Barry Shapiro is on a mission to save us from the struggles and pain of our lives through song, whether solo or with his band. The singer-songwriter, originally from New York has found his musical heart in Colorado. Barry creates infectious tunes reminiscent of 1970’s Folk, Country and Americana, all of which are laced with positive, inspiring messages. “My vision,” he says, “is to create beautiful songs with universal appeal that inspires individuals to unleash their own creativity."

Shapiro’s career began in Boston, not as a musician, but as a Group Psychotherapist where he worked with emotionally-troubled teens. It was during this time that he was inspired to write music.

Shapiro had written and performed before but now his talents would take on an importance on the same level as his work at various outpatient treatment clinics. “I believe that music is an important way to create positive changes in the world,” he explains, “through a sound that transcends language, culture and philosophy.”

Barry Shapiro Music - Remission and Beacon Street

He recorded his full-length debut album, In Remission, in 2000, followed up with Beacon Street, in 2005, The Fazz Band in 2010 and Boardwalk Rain in 2016. Fans and critics fell in love with his Cat-Stevens-meets-Bob-Dylan-meets-Jim-Croce style.

Both albums are packed with songs that are spiritual in nature. Songs such as “Voices” and ”Into The Light” urge listeners to move beyond their differences and become healing forces in the world. Other tracks focus on Shapiro’s travels across the U.S. and the globe.

Shapiro is most proud of his song “Say Shalom,” which appears on his second album. He wrote the song after visiting Israel with his father. Shapiro’s grandparents and relatives escaped from a Nazi concentration camp and went into hiding before fleeing to Israel after the Second World War. “This is my song for peace,” he explains, “in the Middle East and throughout the world.”

Besides being a performing musician, Shapiro is the founder and president of Shapiro Consulting Group, an innovative leadership development firm based on the premise, “Ultimately, the world’s problems will be solved through effectively facilitated conversations.” Here, Barry partners with leaders to improve their performance, relationships and health. He also performs benefit shows for the Karis Community, an organization that helps people cope with and recover from the devastating symptoms of mental illness.