Barry's Albums

Boardwalk Rain

Barry Shapiro Music - Boardwalk Rain

Barry's most recent album. A full blast of romance and unbridled joy, a breezy journey of fun love propelled by Shapiro's soulful singing, sweet female background vocals, sleek production, and sizzling horns.


Beacon Street

Barry Shapiro Music - Beacon Street

Innovative original folk rock with the warmth and enthusiasm of an engaged world traveler. Barry explores spirituality, relationships and the wonder of exploring America.


In Remission

Barry Shapiro Music - In Remission CD

Barry's debut album. Inspired by the healing power of music, the music is acoustically-driven, soulful folk ballads and catchy, foot stomping, memorable tunes.


Barry Shapiro and the Fazz Band

Barry Shapiro

A musical alchemy of Folk and Jazz, called Fazz. Barry’s band features piano jazz great Willie Hammond in this original take on blending two traditions. Steve Gaskin on percussion and Jim Penta on bass